Okanagn Microfabrication Facility

- Fisher Isotemp Model 280A Vacuum Oven

- StatSpin DiffSpin 2 Slide Spin-coater

- FisherBiotech Ultraviolet Viewing Cabinet

- Laurell Technologies Corporation WS-650SZ-6NPP/LITE Spin-Processor

Okanagan Digital Microfluidics Measurement System

- Optical Table (New Port RS2000)

- Camera (Leica Z6 APO)

- Six Degrees  of Freedom Optomechanical Platform

- High Voltage DC Power Supply (Stanford Research System, PS350)

- Relay (SANYOU, DSY2Y-S-205L)

- Digital Oscilloscope (Tektronix, TDS 2004B)

- Function Generator (BK Precision 4001A)

- LED Lamps with Blue Filters

- Science Workshop 750 interface

- Desktop Computer and Monitor